IT & Computers

Server / Desktop Support

I.T. is an imperative aspect of any business today. With countless more organizations taking their ?businesses online?, high quality information technology support services is only logical. With I.T. Support Engineers being an expensive asset, many features of I.T. may well be managed more inexpensively by entrusting I.T. support services to external companies or corporations other than using in-house. Check out our support packages below.

Network & Email Security

Centralised Anti-Virus Protection

With our managed, Centralised Anti-Virus Protection, we’ll give you everything you need to block and eradicate malware and protect your data. Utilising the industries top performing and rated products, we will ensure that your business is protected to the highest levels.

In the unlikely event that you do get a virus or other unwanted activity on your infrastructure, we’ll be there to ensure that the impact is minimal and you are back to normal in the shortest time possible.

SPAM Filtering Service

Our centrally managed SPAM Filtering Service provides the highest level of protection against SPAM by utilising the extremely effective combination of automatic testing of emails such as DNS blacklists and SURBLs (including Spamhaus ZEN and, the reverse DNS test, the HELO/EHLO domain test, the SPF test and Greylisting.

SPAM is no longer a problem with Customer Care Company.

Router / Firewall Management

All network/internet connections requires a router and/or firewall on your premises to protect users from threats and to ensure that internal network traffic is managed to ensure high performance.

Customer Care Company’s Router / Firewall Management service will allow you to outsource the management of these devices in conjunction with our other network services.

Desktop, Server & Network Rollouts

Take the strain out of new equipment rollouts and let our dedicated team plan and implement the rollout, increasing efficiency and down-time.

Web Design & Hosting

From basic webpages to advanced content management systems or tailor made solutions, our expert designers can help. Services include: SEO, Social Media Integration and Email & Domain/Web Hosting